Merseyside Improvisors Orchestra Concert With Stefano Kalonaris. 29/11


If you have a love of free improv and computer music don’t miss this concert where the two worlds combine and collide in new and unexpected ways. The Merseyside Improvisors Orchestra concert this month will be taking on a completely new flavour as they will be joined by the computer musician Stefano Kalonaris. The orchestra will be interpreting and responding to one of Stefano’s computer models that intersects network science and probabilistic graphical models. Stefano writes, “the model leaves maximum freedom to players, minimum constraints, yet allowing for musical organisation to happen at micro and mesa levels, with a self-organising principle derived form complex dynamical systems”.



The Bureau Of Unexpected Musical Encounters. 18/10

The Bureau of Unexpected Musical Encounters.

New Free Music Improvisation Jam Session In Liverpool.

There’s a new free improv music jam session starting in Liverpool. It’s called The Bureau Of Unexpected Musical Encounters. Names of musicians attending go into a hat and then are pulled out and organised into duos and trios, quartets. First session is on Tuesday 18th October. 7.30pm until 9pm, upstairs at the Ship and Mitre, 133 Dale St Liverpool L2 2JH. Hope to see you there!